pengikut yang setia~

Good Night, MAS.

Good Night, MAS. You worked too hard, you have been tortured too much and i believe you deserve a long calming rest.

Being one of the MAS family in the last exchanging month, makes me realise something. They did the job too well already, but being the victim of the situation is unseparable. Abang Ramzan was a good staff, he did the job well, he was very sweet with the passengers checked in by him. I still remember how surprised i am when i know he will be terminated soon(well today). Is it fair for him? NO, absolutely no. But he have no right to say anything. That day was the first day i met him, and sadly was the last day seeing him around. 

Now after MAB is born, i hope everything is getting better. No more crews and staffs being terminated later. I wish speedy recovery to MAB and all my brothers and sisters. And personally, i hope Abang Ramzan will finally settle down. Insyaallah.

Sincerely me,

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