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So yeah, i'm on my semester break now. I have.....less than 20 days to go. Frankly speaking, it is damn hard to own a diploma. Only if i am daughter of a really rich family and i can spend money without any worries. No need to study and just sit and chill while having Starbucks. KALAU......

Today, i met someone. Okay tipu, dua orang. Another one is his friend. I know him in 2012 if i'm not mistaken. Nak cakap yang dia kata dia suka sangat dekat aku (kot), so he bring his friend to accompany him to meet me. But............

He's so not my type. He is fine tho except for dia macam poyo sikit. naaaahhhh, i dont even care about looks but personality? that is my priority. Poyo-poyo nak pergi mana. But, tak apa lah. Memang i dont that ready to be in a relationship pun. I anggap dia macam adik, serious! Oh, he is 18 btw. Kan! Kalau cerita dekat Wanie ke apa, mesti dia cakap 'anak ikan'. hahahah.

One thing that worries me is, his friend....... Muka dia hensem la kalau nak cakap. Sorry hairul but dia lagi buat i selesa :( Susah tau nak buat i rasa selesa, but then he is good. Really! Hahahha saja je. As a friend.

Fyi, i am still single. One year dah! *applause*

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