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All the best!

Assalamualaikum and hi there, kalau ada yang baca. Well, i'm not looking for reader pun actually. Just expressing my thoughts and feeling trough words. Is it okay? I take it as a yes :)

So i'm 80% finished with my finals. One more paper left which is BIS. Business Information System kot. Idk hahaha :D

Ok, first. my ex boyfriend is getting married! Hahahaha, i don't know how to react and feel though. In some way, i do happy for him. But, in some other way, i do feel a little bit reluctant here and there. Yelah, ex kot nak kahwin. Bukan sesiapa yang langsung tak ada kena mengena. Me once, pernah ada kena mengena dengan dia. 

I still remember how we first met, how we celebrate my birthday, how he proposed to me. Yes, he did proposed to me. Kat tepi ampangan kat Ampang tu. Those words "Baby, jom kita kahwin. Kalau tak pun, kita tunang dulu?" So, i think i have the right to feel something at least. Kan?

Even, our first movie tickets. I still keep it. His sweet text messages. His cool work jacket. His pictures. I don't know. Just mention it and i think i still have it all. And yes, his FB's default picture. He's wearing our couple tee kot. hahahaha! lagi satu, in his wedding card. He's using 'Manz' for his name. The name that given by me. So how?

But, as a friend or maybe a little sister(he is 30 this year btw), i'm happy for him :)

If he can read this, i just hope he can:
  • Ubah sikit perangai, i mean bab dia yang susah atau tak pandai pujuk perempuan.
  • Stop smoking. Dear his wife-to-be, i managed to make him stop once. but maybe he just too stubborn. 
  • Selalu trim rambut, he looks young when he have his hair cut.
  • Transfer tempat kerja. Cameron tu jauh kot. Different story kalau wife tak kerja.
Owh btw, i can't attend your wedding. Hahaha beriya nak mintak Rusman jadi date untuk hari tu. I have another wedding at Kuantan. 

That's all i think. All the best. Be a good husband and dad.

Your Ex-girlfriend.

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