pengikut yang setia~


Basically ive met a pilot at my workplace. He's sweet and awkwardly handsome. Maybe because of his job/uniform idk. 

I remember that day when i met him on the first time. My heart was beating so hard that i just couldn't control my face. We bumped into each other but he doesn't recognize me. I just walked away wishing my heartbeat doesn't sound loud. 

We got close and until one day i decide to meet him. Bear in mind, before that we just met briefly. This time i wait for his arrival from london. I felt so excited that i stood for around 40mins just to not miss him from the first step out from the arrival hall. 

Then, i saw him. I decided not to call him and just see him from far. Then suddenly he called me. "U kat mana, nak jumpa tak?" Padahal aku dah usya dia since forever. So dia datang and we finally get the time together except for he was in rush and he can't stay too long.

That evening, he whatsapped me and said i looked sexy. Damn. Masa tu i know he just being all flirty tapi honestly ada la jugak rasa happy. 

After few days, we just stopped talking. Aku lupa yang dia seorang pilot and what typically pilot will do? He's been surrounded with soooo many pretty ladies and I'm just nothing to be compared with others. Especially the stewardesses. 

So i got very bad start to my 2016. I lost someone on the very first week of the year. Not really someone just a stranger that doesn't fit in my heart.

I'm not blaming him, i just got mad with myself for being carried away with that such jerk. Oh god, aku lupa; pilot semua sama macam aku selalu baca dalam novel.

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